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Department of Revenue

The Department of Revenue is one of the main departments in the government as it closely interacts with the public. It is the custodian of the government lands and a record keeper of all land records in State. Apart from issuing various certificates to the public, the Department is also responsible for running various social security schemes of the government. In the last four years, the Department of Revenue under the leadership of Mr. Kagodu Thimmappa has undertaken many flagship schemes and pro-people policies. Some of the major achievements of the Department are

Creation of 49 New Taluks
To provide easy access to the government offices by taking public administration closer to the people, the government has approved creation of 49 new taluk offices by carving out the existing 177 taluks. The creation of new taluks, effective from 1 January 2018, will help in providing more focused administration and will also bring educational and medical infrastructure to the taluk headquarters.

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Eviction & Prevention of Encroachments of Government Lands
Encroachments in 2.02 lakh acres of government land have been evicted in the State. Encroachments in 5,325 acres of government land valued at over Rs.1 lakh crore have been evicted in Bengaluru Urban district alone. To prevent organized attempts to encroach Government land and lands of Government owned agencies, the Karnataka Prohibition of Land Encroachment Act, 2011 has been enacted and a special court has been set up to prosecute the offences committed under the Act.

Creation of Revenue Villages
A Special Cell has been created in the revenue department to convert many residential areas without documents of title into revenue villages where people of backward classes like Lambani (Banjara), Golla, Bhovi, Nayaka, Soliga, Kadu Kuruba among others are residing. As of now, preliminary notification has been issued in 694 cases and by the end of March 2018, around 1100 residential areas, having no document of titles will be converted into revenue villages.

Akrama Sakrama
To regularise unlawfully constructed residential houses on the Government lands in rural areas, towns and cities, Sections 94C (urban areas) and 94CC (rural areas) have been inserted to the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, 1964. For one-time regularization of Government gomala lands under Section 94A and 94B of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act, rule 97 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Rules, 1966 has been amended.
At the end of July 2017, about 1.67 lakh applications for regularisation has been received under Section 94CC of the Act. The regularisation committee set-up at taluk levels have approved 49,178 applications and the 1.18 lakh cases are under review. Over 5.40 lakh applications have been received under Section 94C of the Act out of which 2.61 lakh applications have been cleared and 2.78 lakh cases are under the review of the committees.
About 10.87 lakh applications have been received under Section 94A of the Act out of which 8.26 lakh applications have been cleared. Over 10.81 lakh applications were received for regularisation of lands under Section 94B of the Act, out which 10.61 applications have been approved.

Phody Muktha Abhiyana
Partition of lands among family members over many decades had led to multiple owners sharing the same land survey numbers. The government launched Phody Muktha Abhiyana in 2015 with an aim to clean up the land records by creating individual right to tenancy certificates (RTC) for every farmer who actually owned the land. As of now 6.28 lakh single owner RTCs have been created by completing survey work in 8.36 lakh blocks of 3,782 villages.

The ‘Less Paper Office’ scheme has already been implemented in 15 Deputy Commissioner offices, 15 Assistant Commissioner offices and 15 taluk offices. This scheme is being extended to all the offices of revenue department in the next 2 years at a cost of Rs. 10 crore

Digital Land Records Management Project (DLRMP)
Old revenue record rooms in all taluk offices will be modernized. Parcel Maps of all taluks of the State will be digitized using ‘Bhoo Nakshe or Collab Land’ software developed by NIC. ‘Aakaarbundh’, an important document, will be digitized. A special software will be developed for this purpose. This programme will be completed during 2017-18.

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Protecting the Families of Farmers Succumbed
A scheme for providing pension of Rs. 2,000 has been implemented to widows of the farmers who have committed suicide. Along with the pension, the government has started a scheme to reimburse the hostel fee, tuition fee and residential expenses to the dependent children to help them continue the education up to graduation.

For the first time in the country, to provide economic security to unmarried, separated and divorced women falling below poverty line the government launched Manaswini, a monthly pension scheme in 2013. Women aged between 40-64 years are eligible for a monthly pension of Rs. 500. So far, 3,16,663 women have benefitted from this scheme at a cost of Rs. 174.5 crores.

To bring transgender population into social mainstream and to provide basic social security to their lives, the government launched Mythri, a monthly pension scheme in 2013. Transgender are eligible for a monthly pension of Rs. 500 per month till the age of 64. After reaching 64, the beneficiaries will be moved to the old age pension scheme. Presently Rs. 2.02 crores have been distributed among 4,461 beneficiaries.

Bruhat Devalayagala Poornabhivruddhi Scheme
To develop large temples coming under the department of endowments, the government has taken up various development works in 17 temples at a cost of Rs. 201 crores under ‘Bruhat Devalayagala Poornabhivruddhi Scheme’

Parihara Software
Transfer of input subsidy and payment of other compensation amounts directly to the account of farmers through a new software called Parihara has been implemented.

Medical Facility at Shabarimala
A branch office is being opened at Shabarimala Temple to assist pilgrims from Karnataka. The office will assist in providing medical facilities, offer helpline and rescue services for more than 50 lakh pilgrims from Karnataka.

Maha Masthakabhisheka
A grant of Rs. 175 crores have been earmarked for the grand celebration of Bhagawan Babhubali Maha Masthakabhishekha to be held in the first week of February 2018. The once in twelve years festival attracts large numbers of pilgrims from worldwide.

Survey of all lakes and tanks in the State
A comprehensive survey of all lakes and tanks in the state is in process. A special district level task force headed by the Deputy Commissioner has been set up for this purpose at a cost of Rs. 10 crores.

Enhancement in Old Age Pension
As a means to support aged persons belonging to the BPL families, the government has enhanced the pension received by people aged between 60-64 from Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 per month. With this enhancement the old pension scheme now has two-tiers: Rs. 500 per month for people in 60-79 age category and Rs. 750 for people over 80 years old. Currently the Department is providing old age pensions to 3,510,043 persons at a cost of Rs.169.2 crores.

Grants Provided to Revenue Department

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